Klüber Klübersynth BMQ 72-162


Klüber Klübersynth BMQ 72-162 is for lifetime lubrication at low and high temperatures


Benefits for your application


– Low component noise at high temperatures
– due to patented hybrid grease formulation
– due to the addition of fluorinated base oils
– High component performance
– due to a wide service temperature range
– due to good corrosion and wear protection properties




Klübersynth BMQ 72-162 is a synthetic long-term lubricating grease with a patented formulation. It is based on ester oils and perfluorinated polyether oil. Its outstanding characteristics are good oil retention at high permanent temperatures and good corrosion protection as well as water resistance.




Klübersynth BMQ 72-162 is preferably used for plain and rolling bearings at high and low temperatures requiring good thermal stability but where the use of silicone is forbidden. It has proven successful for the lifetime lubrication of rolling bearings in electric motors, smoke extractor motors and clutch release bearings. Due to the good oil retention Klübersynth BMQ 72-162 is suitable for bearings with rotating outer ring subject to high thermal loads like in expander rollers.


Application notes


It is not necessary to remove the anticorrosive film in rolling bearings prior to applying Klübersynth BMQ 72-162. The lubricant can be removed using organic solvents. To attain a maximum service life and minimum noise level we recommend thorough cleaning of the friction point and seeking detailed service advice from our application engineers.



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