Klüber Klübersynth BM 44-42


Klüber Klübersynth BM 44-42 is a special grease for actuators, rolling bearings and free-wheels


Your benefits at a glance


– Long-term grease for less maintenance and for-life lubrication
– Extensive range of applications due to wide service temperature range
– Longer component life due to optimised oil release and anti-wear additives


Your requirements – our solution


Trouble-free function of component across their entire lifetime without relubrication is a frequently encountered requirement of highly-developed applications such as Drive by Wire technology.

Klübersynth BM 44-42 offers both manufacturers and operators of such components and systems the matching solution for long-term lubrication.

Additionally, extreme requirements such as smooth operation at low temperatures and low-wear operation at high surrounding
temperatures are to be met. Klübersynth BM 44-42 offers a low start-up torque for troublefree operation and enables energy savings. Rolling bearings and other components can be operated at short-term peak temperatures without severely affecting the product’s lubricity. Should your application be subject to vibrations or higher loads, Klübersynth BM 44-42 can protect your component against
premature failure and wear. Its good sealing capacity and miscibility with conventional bearing lubricants makes Klübersynth BM 44-42 a versatile speciality lubricant for many applications.




  • Klübersynth BM 44-42 is mostly used for the long-term lubrication of actuators and rolling bearings in automotive applications.
  • It was also developed for low-wear idling operation and reliable indexing of free-wheels and override clutches.
  • Klübersynth BM 44-42 shows good adhesion to the lubrication point, improving long-term lubrication especially in uncapped bearings or rotating outer rings.


Application notes


Klübersynth BM 44-42 can be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun or automatic metering equipment. Pumpability in automatic lubricating systems is subject to tests and prior consulting. Please ask our experts for details.



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