Klüber Klübersynth BL 42-42


Klüber Klübersynth BL 42-42 is a special grease for rolling bearings with elevated percentage of sliding friction


Benefits for your application


– Especially for applications with a high percentage of sliding friction, e.g. in roller bearings, due to the balanced oil separation
– Multiple uses due to wide service temperature range, enabling product streamlining
– Reduction of operating costs due to very good long-term lubricity




Klübersynth BL 42-42 is based on a thermally stable ester oil and a special lithium soap. With this unique concept, Klübersynth BL 42-42 shows a balanced oil separation over a wide temperature range, which is required for the lubrication of large ball and roller bearings. The larger a bearing is, the more important is the grease’s oil separation, but also the wetting behaviour of the base oil to ensure reliable function and a long bearing life. It is a specific characteristic of this special lithium soap that it releases enough oil for bearing lubrication even after long exposure to high temperatures up to 160 °C, followed by operation at low temperatures.




Klübersynth BL 42-42 may be used for the lifetime lubrication of sealed or capped deep groove ball bearings as well as for roller bearings. The grease’s service temperature range permits automotive applications.

Applications include:

– pulley bearings in cars, guide rollers in belt drives
– electric motor bearings with lifetime lubrication, relubricated electric motor and generator bearings
– bearings with a rotating outer ring and a stationary inner ring, as are found in broad-drawing rollers or generators


Application notes


Klübersynth BL 42-42 can be applied by spatula, brush or grease gun. For application via centralised lubricating systems, pumpability should be checked with the manufacturer. The friction point can be cleaned using commercially available cleaning agents. If the equipment contains elastomer seals, their compatibility with Klübersynth BL 42-42 should be checked prior to series application. Please do not hesitate to consult our technical sales staff.



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