Klüber Klübersynth BH 72-422


Klüber Klübersynth BH 72-422 is a high-temperature grease for slow-running bearings


Your benefits at a glance


– Longer service life than with conventional ester-based greases as the lubricant contains PFPE oil that is extremely resistant to ageing
– Patented hybrid grease technology entails significantly lower consumption cost than with perfluorinated polyether greases
– Miscibility with all conventional grease types enables changeover without cleaning
– Low-density product for high volume yield compared to fully fluorinated lubricants


Your requirements – our solution


Are you an OEM or operator using rolling bearings at temperatures above 160 °C? Would you like to have an innovative grease closing the “service temperature gap” between conventional, hydrocarbon-based and pure PFPE lubricants? Based on a patented formulation, we now offer Klübersynth BH 72-422, a synthetic high-temperature grease containing ester as well as perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oils, and a PTFE thickener. This grease shows good oil retention at high temperature and is thermally stable, which enables Klübersynth BH 72-422 to extend your relubrication intervals at operating temperatures above 160 °C up to 220 °C. A special feature of Klübersynth BH 72-422 reducing costs is that its density is approx. 1/3 lower than that of PFPE-based lubricants, which results in a higher volume yield.




Among the many applications of Klübersynth BH 72-422 are rolling bearings and guideways running at low speeds, high permanent temperatures and high loads (max. 180 °C at C/P <8). These may be found in:

– Calender or felt-carrying rolls in the pulp and paper industry
– Machines in the wood-panel, rubber and plastics industries
– Drying cylinders


Application notes


You can use Klübersynth BH 72-422 to relubricate rolling bearings without prior cleaning even if they have been running with pure PFPE/PTFE, ester, silicone or mineral oil greases. To ensure even better adhesion of the lubricant, it may be advisable to clean the friction point of anticorrosive agent prior to initial lubrication. If the anticorrosive layer is thin, however, cleaning is not necessary. We will be pleased to give advice on the optimisation of lubricant life.



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