Klüber Klübersynth 50 KV


Klüber Klübersynth 50 KV is a synthetic high-performance gear oil for weaving machines


Your benefits at a glance


Exclusively recommended for Leonardo weaving machines by ITEMA. The weaving machines reach their optimum lifespan with Klübersynth 50 KV, 80KV, 100 KV. Oil changes are only to be provided every 20,000 operating hours

– Cost reduction due to the good friction behavior of the polyglycol base oil, reduces the power loss and improves the efficiency in their application.

– Reduces maintenance costs due to high resistance to wear and good wear protection. As a result, the gears and other lubricated components are sufficiently protected against scoring even at high peak loads.

– Increased operational safety through adequate lubrication of the components even at elevated and high temperatures of their machines due to the excellent viscosity-temperature behavior of our gear oil. Your requirement – our solution

The demands of modern weaving on high-performance gear oils with regard to increased production speed while at the same time prolonging maintenance intervals are steadily increasing.

To take account of this trend, we have developed our Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV for you. These oils are synthetic high performance polyglycol based gear oils. They are resistant to aging, reliably protect against wear and have excellent load-carrying capacity and viscosity-temperature behavior. With the oils Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV and 100 KV you can realize extended oil change intervals of up to 20 000 operating hours. As a result, a reduction in their operating costs is possible.


Application Areas


Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV synthetic high performance gear oils are exclusively recommended by the Italian weaving machine OEM ITEMA for the long-term lubrication of gears, bearings and other sliding friction points in ITEMA Leonardo weaving machines. ITEMA Klübersynth recommends 50 KV for Leonardo oil-cooled looms, and ITEMA Klübersynth recommends 80 KV for R 9500 weaving machines.


Application Notes


Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV can be applied by immersion bath, dip bath circulation and injection lubrication. When used in automatic lubrication systems, observe the manufacturer’s instructions for the maximum pumpable viscosity. Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV are immiscible with mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons. We recommend that you clean the lubrication points before conversion and flush the gear units or closed lubrication systems with Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV.


Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV are neutral compared to iron-metallic materials and almost all non-ferrous metals. Dynamic stress on contact surfaces on construction elements made of aluminum or aluminum alloys can lead to increased wear; If necessary, you should have wear tests carried out. Synthetic lubricants based on polyglycol can influence the function of rubber-elastic sealing materials depending on temperature and time. At continuous temperatures until

Max. 100 ° C (corresponds to the temperature limit of Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV) seals made of NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) can be used. It should be noted that different elastomer qualities of one or more manufacturers behave differently. When using Klübersynth 50 KV, 80 KV, 100 KV, we recommend two-component paints (reaction lacquers) as color interior coatings. Oil sight glasses should preferably consist of natural glass or polyamide materials. Other transparent plastics, such as Plexiglas, are prone to stress cracking. It is advisable,

especially before a series application to check the application of the materials of construction used in connection with the selected lubricant.



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