Klüber Klüberspeed BF 72-22


Klüber Klüberspeed BF 72-22 is a high-speed lubricating grease


Benefits for your application


– Very good resistance to water and anticorrosive effect protect bearings against premature failure, thus helping to minimize maintenance costs.
– Low starting torque enables problem-free operation and energy savings also at low temperatures
– Long-term successful use in particular at high speeds
– Shorter running-in of spindle bearings




Klüberspeed BF 72-22 is a high-performance special grease with a synthetic base oil and a polyurea thickener. The base oil viscosity and its viscosity-temperature characteristics allow Klüberspeed BF 72-22 to be used for a wide range of speeds and temperatures. Tests have shown that Klüberspeed BF 72-22 is suitable for extremely high speeds; speed factors of up to 2 million were attained. Klüberspeed BF 72‑22 also allows shorter running-in times and has a long service life.




Klüberspeed BF 72-22 is preferred for use in horizontally mounted spindles in milling, grinding and drilling machines and lathes running at very high speeds and high permanent temperatures. Such high speeds are frequently encountered in motor-powered spindle bearings.

Klüberspeed BF 72-22 is also suitable for other high-speed bearings as are found in power tools, electric motors, etc.. Other uses include the greasing of tooth flanks in precision gears (e.g. bevel gears in milling machines, electro-mechanical valve actuators).


Application notes


Klüberspeed BF 72-22 can be filled into the bearings using normal grease application tools (e.g. spatula, grease gun). Application by means of industrial central lubricating systems and metering devices is also possible. The possibility of a change in colour is inherent in this product concept. It has, however, no influence on product performance.



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