Klüber Klüberrail LEA 62-2000


Klüber Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 is a biodegradable wheel flange lubricant for rail vehicles


Benefits for your application


– Significant wear reduction on wheels and rails
– Noise reduction, especially on curves
– Good adhesion for full effect at high speeds
– Good rain resistance
– Environmentally-friendly with readily biodegradable base oil




Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 is a eco-compatible, fully synthetic speciality lubricant for the lubrication of wheel flanges on rail vehicles. This grey fluid grease is based on readilybiodegradable oil (acc. to OECD 301 F) with an inorganic thickener and a combination of selected additives. Its chemical composition ensures good wear protection for wheels and rails and reduces stick slip effects on curves to reduce noise. The additives used in Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 ensure good adhesion to the wheel flange, so the lubricant does not fling off even at high speeds (passed DB test PA-0001). The lubricant also offers good water resistanceso it is not washed off by rain.




Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 is an eco-compatible lubricant for wheel flange lubrication in rail vehicles.


Application notes


Klüberrail LEA 62-2000 is particularly suitable for use in automatic wheel flange spray lubrication systems. The fluid grease offers good feed characteristics, even at low temperatures.



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