Klüber Klüberquiet BQR 78-102


Klüber Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 is a Low-noise rolling bearing grease for long-term lubrication


Your benefits at a glance


– Very good low-noise characteristics due to optimised raw materials and production processes
– Especially for lifetime lubrication of sealed rolling bearings
– Excellent compatibility with elastomers due to new product design


Your requirements – our solution


Rolling bearings in electric motors or fans in cars are expected to offer full performance throughout their service life without generating unwanted noise. The right lubricant can make a substantial contribution to meeting this taxing requirement. Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 was developed as a low-noise grease for rolling bearings. Raw materials were especially selected to attain the lowest noise classes on standard noise test rigs. Another challenge in many applications is the need to be compatible with elastomers that are used at elevated operating temperatures, especially ACM and FKM.

For this reason we made this a major aspect of the product’s design so that you can enjoy a unique combination of low-noise operation and a long service life at high operating temperatures. With these features, Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 offers you a particularly wide range of applications.




Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 is primarily used to lubricate sealed ball bearings in electric motors, fans or similar applications in cars, where they have to offer a long service life at aboveaverage permanent temperatures while preventing noise generation.


Application notes


Klübersynth BQR 78-102 may be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun or grease cartridge. We recommend testing the pumpability of Klüberquiet BQR 78-102 in automatic lubrication systems prior to use. A typical characteristic of some polyurea greases is solidification after prolonged storage. This increase in consistency does not normally affect the grease’s performance and can be reversed by shearing or churning.



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