Klüber Klüberpress E 2-802


Klüber Klüberpress E 2-802 is a powdered release agent for aluminium alloy extrusion


Benefits for your application


– Prevents welding between billet, dummy block nose and die
– Graphite-free
– Economical consumption
– Virtually no residue build-up
– No raw materials containing silicone
– If used properly, no carry-over of lubricant particles into the profiles
– Low fume and gas formation
– No waste water contamination
– Stable at temperatures above 1000 °C




Klüberpress E 2-802 is an advanced powdered release agent for use during the extrusion of aluminium alloys. It is a graphite-free, inorganic solid lubricant with special additives.

– Carefully selected raw materials enable optimum separation of the contact surfaces.

Further advantages making Klüberpress E 2-802 superior to many other release agents include:

– Very low fume and gas formation
– Fine metering is possible
– Minimum-quantity application
– Cleanliness of use




Klüberpress E 2-802 can be used for the horizontal extrusion of all common aluminium alloys. In these applications, the active ingredients of Klüberpress E 2-802 show good lubricity and separating effect. Klüberpress E 2-802 is a highly versatile release agent with excellent performance at medium to high temperatures. Fume and gas formation is eliminated at elevated temperatures making the product extremely desirable on health, safety and environmental grounds.


Application notes


Klüberpress E 2-802 is supplied ready-to-use and is applied electrostatically by means of manual or automatic application equipment.

Klüber service staff will be glad to assist with the selection of suitable application equipment to deliver this special product.



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