Klüber Klüberplus SK 13-398


Klüber Klüberplus SK 13-398 is a special grease for the lubrication and preservation of wire ropes during manufacturing.


Benefits for your application


– Effective corrosion protection
– Good adhesion
– Weather resistant
– Free of bitumen and solid lubricants




Klüberplus SK 13-398 is a soap-free special grease based on mineral oil and wax. It is also free of bitumen and solid lubricants. Klüberplus SK 13-398 offers high adhesion, weathering resistance and corrosion protection. It is also highly suitable for application via the lubrication equipment employed  during normal wire rope manufacture.




For wire rope impregnation and preservation during manufacture, especially for steel wire ropes that are coiled ontodrums during use (e.g. in cranes, winches, lifting equipment etc).


Application notes


Klüberplus SK 13-398 is applied in fluid form directly into the rope core during stranding. The optimum application temperature is between 90 and 130 °C. If the lubricant film  applied is to be very thin, the temperature chosen should be inthe upper range. A lower-range temperature leads to application of a thicker surface film.



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