Klüber Klüberplus SK 12-205


Klüber Klüberplus SK 12-205 is an lubricating wax emulsion for Screws, Nuts and Bolts


Benefits for your application


– Low friction coefficient with very low dispersion
– Transparent, “dry-to-touch” lubricant film
– Water miscible
– Free from solvents
– Easy to use
– Suitable for self-tapping screws




Klüberplus SK 12-205 is an aqueous wax emulsion suitable for dilution with water. Once dry, Klüberplus SK 12-205 provides a transparent, “dry-to-touch” lubricant film. This dry lubricant film has a very low friction coefficient, which varies depending on the water mix ratio. For coating inspection purposes, Klüberplus SK 12-205 includes a UV indicator, visible at 366 nm under a UV lamp.




The dry, transparent and quick-drying lubricant film make Klüberplus SK 12-205 particularly suitable for coating mass produced parts. Using simple coating processes, components such as screws, bolts, nuts, pins and rivets can be treated with Klüberplus SK 12-205 thus minimising friction and friction dispersion. The adhesion of Klüberplus SK 12-205 on steels and plastics is very good. The “dry-to-touch” lubricant film ensures that dust and other forms of contamination will not adhere to the surface of coated parts in storage.


Application notes


Klüberplus SK 12-205 is delivered as a ready-to-use lubricating wax emulsion. It can be diluted with cold mains water if required. We recommend a mixing ratio of between 1:3 and 1:10 (Klüberplus to water) depending on the application. Stir continuously when adding water to Klüberplus SK 12-205 in order to achieve the desired mixing result. The lubricating wax emulsion will be “dry-to-touch” approximately 10 minutes after application at room temperature. The drying time can be considerably reduced using a warm air supply of up to 80°C. The best application of Klüberplus SK 12-205 is achieved using dip-feed baths or dip/spin processes. The bath should not spin too quickly otherwise the product is liable to foam. Spray centrifuges should not be used as foaming is also likely due to the air intake.

The concentration and pH-value should be monitored continuously when using large baths or the spin coating application method. A flat metal or glass dish can be used for the concentration measurement. The sample can be measured into the dish which is then evaporated at 95 °C. The difference in weight determines the content of solids in the bath. The parts to be coated must be free of fat and grease in order to ensure good surface adhesion. Soiling or crosscontamination with substances from other baths must be avoided at all times. Protect from frost!


* All the values refer to the materials/surfaces and test conditions indicated. In case of other materials/surfaces are used, tests have to be performed.
** Mixing ratio: 1:3, application: 2 x dip/spin



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