Klüber Klüberplus SK 11-299


Klüber Klüberplus SK 11-299 is a lubricating wax for chains


Benefits for your application


– “Quasi-dry”, non-tacky lubricant film
– Wear protection
– High corrosion protection
– Good adhesion
– Excellent water resistance




Klüberplus SK 11-299 is a lubricating wax based on wax-like hydrocarbons and a synthetic hydrocarbon oil. It protects reliably against wear, shows excellent adhesion and is extremely resistant to water, thus providing excellent corrosion protection also when in contact with water. Once applied to the component surface, the lubricant leaves a “quasi-dry” non-tacky lubricant film.




Klüberplus SK 11-299 was especially developed for the initial lubrication of steel chains. It is particularly suitable for chains exposed to dust, dirt, lint or water. This product makes it possible to lubricate chains which, due to the operating conditions, could not be lubricated in the past. Klüberplus SK 11-299 ensures long-term and in some cases even lifetime lubrication in transport, drive and control chains subject to low loads, which operate at a chain temperature of 60 °C maximum and under moderate ambient conditions.

In the low-temperature range, higher starting torques are possible after longer periods of chain standstill. Shorter relubrication intervals may be required at temperatures above 80 °C, depending on the chain load and speed.


Application notes


Klüberplus SK 11-299 has been especially designed for the initial lubrication of chains by hot dipping. When applied by hot dipping, we recommend an immersion bath temperature of 90 °C to 100 °C. Chains should remain in the bath until bubbling has stopped. We recommend preheating the com-ponents in order to reduce the period in the immersion bath. Excess wax can be blown off with hot air (80 to 90 °C) after the bath. Chains can be relubricated with any chain lubricant suiting the individual requirements (except for polyalkylene glycol oils).



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