Klüber Klüberplus SK 07-205


Klüber Klüberplus SK 07-205 is a light-coloured, water-miscible lubricating wax emulsion for boundary and mixed friction


Benefits for your application


– Low friction coefficient
– Good wear protection
– Prevents stick slip
– Miscible with water
– Water hazard category 1
– Easy application
– No adhesion of dirt or dust
– Suitable also for self-tapping screws
– Quick quality inspection of the coating after application by integrated UV indicator (visible at 300 – 400 nm)




Klüberplus SK 07-205 is a light-coloured, water-miscible lubricating wax emulsion. Once dry, it forms a transparent dry lubricant film. Klüberplus SK 07-205 contains no solid lubricants. The dry lubricant film has a low friction coefficient and offers good absorption of pressure.




With its dry transparent lubricant film, Klüberplus SK 07-205 is an all-purpose lubricant emulsion. For example, you can use it as a lubricant for self-tapping screws, nails and bolts to reduce the tightening torques or for hinges and plain bearings in windows and doors. Klüberplus SK 07-205 is ideal for slide and guide rails in kitchens, laboratory equipment, display cases, etc.. Because the resulting lubricant film is completely dry there can be no accumulation of dust or other contaminants during the storage or use of coated parts.


Application notes


Klüberplus SK 07-205 is a ready-to-use wax emulsion. If required it can be diluted with cold tap water at any mixing ratio. Klüberplus SK 07-205 can be applied by spraying and dip/spin coating, a process specifically developed for bulk coating. At room temperature, the wax emulsion once applied is fast to handle after about 15 minutes. The lubricant film is completely dry after one hour. Hot air can be used for much faster drying. However, make sure that the temperature of the substrate does not exceed 80 °C. Although Klüberplus SK 07-205 is a very stable emulsion, we recommend slight stirring for large dipping baths.



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