Klüber Klüberplus S 09-107


Klüber Klüberplus S 09-107 is an air- and heat-hardening grey dispersion, special dry lubricant for tire segment molds


Benefits for your application


– Longer mold life
– Longer relubrication intervals
– Minimisation of downtime
– Less rejects
– Easy application and relubrication
– Dry to the touch in short time at ambient temperature
– Resistant to greases and oils when heat-hardened
– Free of solvents and neutral in odour to minimise impact on people and environment
– Klüberplus S 09-107 reduces lubricant costs and increases productivity of a tire press




Klüberplus S 09-107 is an air- and heat-hardening grey dispersion based on a special combination of solid lubricants in an inorganic binder. Klüberplus S 09-107 is fluid, ready to use and non-flammable. Once hardened, Klüberplus S 09-107 forms a dry lubricating film reducing friction and wear on tire segment molds.

Tire manufacturers normally work in three shifts without a pause. Press standstills and short mold lifetimes are at the expense of productivity. The exceptional performance capabilities of Klüberplus S 09-107 contributes decisively to a better tire press profitability.
The formulation of Klüberplus S 09-107 offers the following characteristics:

– very wide temperature range and hence high flexibility in production
– good lubricity and adhesion prevent mold segments from interlocking and reduce downtimes
– a thin and hardened lubricant layer offers optimized mold sealing, preventing contamination and consequently rejects
– efficient and simple application: brushing, rolling and spraying are possible
– The lubricant dries fast, and, when hardened, shows excellent adhesion and a high load-bearing capacity
– The product is solvent-free and odorless, thus complying with safety standards in tire production by minimizing impact on people and the environment
– Once hardened, the lubricant layer is resistant to oils and greases




Klüberplus S 09-107 is a dry lubricant that was especially developed for the lubrication of tire segment molds, in particular in electrically heated tire presses for the production of tires for private cars and trucks, and special tires.


Application notes


  • Stir Klüberplus S 09-107 well before use to make it homogeneous. The lubricant can be easily applied by means of a suitable brush or roller, or by spraying. The product then has to be filtered, e.g. using a nylon filter with a mesh size of 250 µm. Segment molds built into the tire presses can be relubricated fast and without difficulty.
  • The recommended layer thickness for tribological applications is 15 µm, rendering a yield of 20 m² per liter. Adhesion can be improved by rough component surfaces.
  • Klüberplus S 09-107 becomes dry to the touch very fast. After 5 minutes at 100 °C the layer is dry, and after 15 minutes at a mold temperature of 180 °C it is completely hardened.
  • Drying and hardening is easily possible during the manufacturing process and does not require additional time.
  • The surfaces must be free of dust or grease before applying Klüberplus S 09-107.
  • The tire segment mold can be easily cleaned during maintenance and repair breaks, using the methods commonly known in the tire industry.
  • Instructions for other application techniques can be provided on request.
  • Protect from frost and direct heat.



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