Klüber Klüberplus S 06-100


Klüber Klüberplus S 06-100 is a water- miscible, assembly and anticorrosion gel for elastomer components


Benefits for your application


– Environmentally sound
– Easy application
– Good adhesion
– Integrated corrosion inhibitor
– Neutral to materials




Klüberplus S 06-100 is a water- miscible gel containing a corrosion inhibitor specially formulated for assembly of elastomer components.
During assembly the gel provides a temporary yet highly efficient lubricating effect which later disappears on evaporation of the water based carrier fluid. This ensures the elastomer component remains fixed in place on assembly. Owing to the gel-like texture, Klüberplus S 06-100 adheres well to the mounted component thereafter preventing leakage.
Klüberplus S 06-100 offers good stability and does not separate following long periods of storage. Stirring prior to use is not necessary. The integrated corrosion inhibitor protects metal surfaces against rust.


Klüberplus S 06-100 is generally neutral towards most elastomers. Owing to the many different material compositions we recommend checking its compatibility prior to series applications in the complete component, if possible.




Joining and assembly processes with rubber-elastic materials Examples:

– Hoses(e.g. brake, cooling water and fuel hoses)
– Steering column boots
– Bellows
– Profiled seals e.g.door, window /door weather-strips
– Door bumpers
– Exhaust system hangers
– Tyres
– Sealing elements


Application notes


Klüberplus S 06-100 is a ready to use product for application by brush or sponge. Its viscosity can be reduced by dilution with water. For this purpose, we recommend using demineralized water in order to protect the components against lime deposits. Protect from frost. If frozen let the product thaw at room temperature.



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