Klüber Klüberplus S 01-004


Klüber Klüberplus S 01-004 is a stable, aqueous graphite suspension


Benefits for your application


– Chain lubricant for extremely high temperatures
– Solvent-free
– Excellent wetting capacity
– High stability




Klüberplus S 01-004 is a stable, aqueous graphite suspension used for applications at very high temperatures. It is free from solvents and thus prevents environmental contamination by solvent evaporation. In an undiluted condition Klüberplus S 01-004 is characterized by a very good wetting capacity, good corrosion protection and high stability.




Klüberplus S 01-004 is suitable for the lubrication of transport chains in burning and annealing furnaces (e.g. tube annealing furnaces) operating at extremely high temperatures. It is also suitable for drive and control chains in melting furnaces used in the metalworking industry and for other chains subject to high thermal loads, such as plate carrier chains in baking ovens. Klüberplus S 01-004 can also be used as a release agent for the diecasting of copper alloy materials.


Application notes


Klüberplus S 01-004 is a ready-to-use product that can be applied by brush, oil metering can or automatic spray equipment. For chain relubrication we recommend application to a cold chain or to a chain heated to approx. 60 °C. If required, dilution with water is possible. However, the lubricity, wettability, corrosion protection and stability of Klüberplus S 01-004 will decrease to the same extent as the dilution ratio increases. For chain lubrication we recommend dilution with 4 parts of water maximum. Other dilution ratios are possible depending on the specific application. It may then be necessary to install an agitator in the lubricant reservoir to prevent the solid lubricant particles from settling. The wetting capacity should also be checked. Protect from frost and direct heat.



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