Klüber Klüberplus G 02-104


Klüber Klüberplus G 02-104 is a water-miscible adhesion improver for Klüber bonded coatings applied to elastomer substrates


Benefits for your application


– Adhesion of bonded coating to elastomer improved fast and easy
– Cost-saving application
– no filters required thanks to low VOC content
– Highly flexible manufacturing process – both online and offline application possible
– Online: wet-in-wet application of the bonded coating
– Offline: storage up to four weeks possible as the surface is non-sticking
– Quick quality inspection of primer coating by means of integrated UV indicator (excitation at 300 – 400 nm)




Klüberplus G 02-104 is a water-miscible adhesion improver for use on elastomer substrates made of EPDM or TPE (e.g. TPV). The product increases the adhesive power of Klüber bonded coatings on surfaces requiring pretreatment to ensure adequate connection between the elastomer and the bonded coating.

Klüberplus G 02-104 can be applied in various ways: both online and offline application is possible. Online application is possible with the wet primer being used with Klübertop products without intermediate drying. Offline use means that parts can be stored upon application of Klüberplus G 02-104 and be bondedcoated at a later date.

After the storage period, the integrated UV indicator allows inspection of the coating quality during which any blank spots are made visible on a black background.




Profiled seals and moulded parts made of EPDM or TPE where adhesion of a Klüber bonded coating is not sufficient. Irrespective of the elastomer quality, added plasticizers or waxes may be the cause of poor adhesion.


Application notes


Stir or shake Klüberplus G 02-104 well before applying it by spraying, rolling or by brush. The product should be filtered
after stirring, e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm.

Klüberplus G 02-104 is supplied ready for use.




Feed pressure: 1 to 2 bar
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 to 0.8 mm


Spray distance: 10 to 20 cm

Make sure that only oil and water-free compressed air is used.

The recommended layer thickness (dry) is 2 to 4 µm.

The drying time at 20 °C is approx. 20 min. However, Klüberplus G 02-104 becomes only effective as an adhesion improver at an object temperature over 100 °C and a drying time of 60 s (in combination with the applied coating).

Protect from frost and heat. If frozen, let the product thaw at room temperature and stir thoroughly



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