Klüber Klüberplex SK 12


Klüber Klüberplex SK 12 is a semi-synthetic long-term grease for plain bearings


Benefits for your application


– Less maintenance due to long-term lubrication
– Reliable function and sealing against dust and dirt
– Versatile application even under high loads and low speeds
– Long component life due to high wear and corrosion protection
– Tried and tested for many bronze plain bearings, good compatibility with nonferrous metals
– Also suitable for relubrication; miscible with many commercial bearing greases




Klüberplex SK 12 is a semi-synthetic long-term grease for a wide service temperature range. It offers a high pressure absorption capacity at low speeds. The special barium complex soap thickener ensures good adhesion on the component and resistance to aggressive media. The additives contained in Klüberplex SK 12 enhance wear protection.




Klüberplex SK 12 has been especially designed for lubrication of bronze plain bearings, e.g. Wieland-B09 (CuSn8). The performance of Klüberplex SK 12 is of particular importance for sliding elements and plain bearing bushes subject to low sliding speeds or oscillations in the mixed friction regime. Typical applications are joints and self-aligning bearings in building machines or agricultural and forestry vehicles. An extension of relubrication intervals is possible as Klüberplex SK 12 forms a lubricant depot in the plain bearing through lubricating pockets, grooves or holes. The grease can also be used for rolling bearings subject to high loads and speeds up to approx. 100,000 mm/min.


Application notes


Klüberplex SK 12 is applied by means of spatula, brush or grease gun. For application via automatic lubricating systems, pumpability should be checked beforehand. Prior to series application we recommend testing the miscibility with other lubricants or anticorrosion agents.



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