Klüber Klüberplex GE 11-680


Klüber Klüberplex GE 11-680 is an adhesive gear lubricant with a mineral oil base


Benefits for your application


– Adhesive lubricant
– Free of raw materials containing lead or solvents
– Resistant to high pressures
– FZG scuffing load stage > 12
– Anticorrosion properties
– Applicable through automatic lubrication systems




Klüberplex GE 11-680 is an adhesive lubricant with a mineral oil base and an aluminium complex soap thickener. It is resistant to high pressure and contains anti-wear additives, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Klüberplex GE 11-680 is free of bitumen, solvents and raw materials containing lead.




Klüberplex GE 11-680 is designed for the lubrication of open and closed spur and bevel gears, lifting spindles, slideways and guideways, large chain drives and sliding bearings. It is particularly suitable for elevated component temperatures and wherever adhesive lubricants containing solid lubricants should not be used.


Application notes


Klüberplex GE 11-680 should preferably be used for the lubrication of tooth flanks. It is applied to the gears through automatic spray systems. Smaller drives are also lubricated through positive drip-feed equipment, by brush or a hand spray equipment (e. g. with the Klübermatic LB spray gun). Splash lubrication is possible for components operating at low circumferential speeds (< 3 m/s).



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