Klüber Klüberplex BE 31-222


Klüber Klüberplex BE 31-222 is a grease for extreme requirements

Benefits for your application


– Increased component availability due
– Good wear protection and good pressure absorption
– Reduced maintenance in operation by
– The good sealing effect and the resistance to water and other media
– Long relubrication intervals due to the good aging and oxidation resistance




Klüberplex BE 31-102 … -222 … -502 are greases based on mineral oil and special calcium soap. They have a high mechanical-dynamic lubricity film load and have a strong adhesion to materials. Klüberplex BE 31-102 … -222 … -502 show high media resistance and are very resistant to water and water vapor. In individual cases, especially before serial application, the durability should be checked.

Application Areas


Klüberplex BE 31-102 … -222 … -502 are used as lubricating greases for e.g. Rolling and plain bearings, spherical plain bearings, small gears or as sealing and lubricating greases for labyrinths and industrial valves applicable. They find use for long-term or for-life lubrication of e.g. Rolling bearings in automotive components (water pump bearings, universal joint bushings), textile wet processing machines (suspension belt dampers, washing machines), spinning machines (upper and lower rollers in the drafting system), conveyor systems (rollers in the “wet area”), paper machines (especially wet end), machines for agriculture and construction , Machinery of the food industry, as well as in electric motors, fans and pumps.


Application Notes


Klüberplex BE 31-102 … -222 … -502 can be applied using grease guns, brushes or spatulas. Delivery via centralized lubrication systems must be clarified in advance with the manufacturer of the lubrication system. The pre-cleaning of the friction point is possible with commercially available cleaning agents.


Behavior towards plastics and elastomers


In general, mineral oil or mineral oil-resistant plastics and elastomers are well resistant to Klüberplex BE 31-102 … -222 … -502. However, for safety reasons, we recommend that you check the durability before using it for serial production.



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