Klüber Klüberplex BE 11-462


Klüber Klüberplex BE 11-462 Is a mineral oil based rolling and sliding bearing grease.


Benefits for your application


– Free from heavy metals and chlorine
– Wide service temperature range
– Suitable for lubrication points exposed to high loads
– Adhesive
– Resistant to water




Klüberplex BE 11-462 is a mineral oil based, aluminium complex saponified grease for rolling and sliding bearings. It is free from heavy metals and chlorine, protects well against wear and is highly pressure absorptive. Other features of Klüberplex BE 11-462 include excellent adhesiveness, water resistance and protection against corrosion.



Klüberplex BE 11-462 is designed for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings as well as slide- and guide-ways within a wide range of temperatures. It is ideal for use as a multipurpose grease in the base materials industry, for lubrication points exposed to high loads in the iron and steel industries, and for long-term lubrication of construction machines and earthmovers.


Application notes


Klüberplex BE 11-462 can be applied by grease gun, brush, spatula, or automatic lubrication.

Service temperature range


The recommended temperature range for Klüberplex BE 11-462 is between -15 °C and 150 °C. For consumptive lubrication, the range may be extended up to approx. 200 °C depending on relubrication. Service temperatures are approximations and may vary with lubricant composition, intended use, and method of application.


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