Klüber Klüberpaste UH1 96-402


Klüber Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 Is a high-temperature paste.

Klüber Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is a Light-coloured high-temperature paste for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.


Benefits for your application


– Reliable dry lubrication at temperatures from 200 °C to 1200 °C
– Good adhesion to the friction point, also when subject to humidity
– ISO 21469 certified – supports the compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production.




Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is a high-temperature paste designed for versatile assembly purposes in hygienically sensitive environments. It contains fully synthetic base oils and a special blend of ceramic solid lubricants. Across the “normal” temperature range up to approx. 160 °C, Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is a water-resistant lubricating and assembly paste providing good adhesion on metals.
Under permanently higher temperatures up to 1200 °C, its solid lubricating particles provide protection against tribocorrosion or fretting corrosion. Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is NSF H1 registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricant was
developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. The use of Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 can contribute to increase reliability of your production processes. We nevertheless recommend conducting an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.



Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 is suitable for a variety of friction points in food-processing and pharmaceutical machines which are subject to high loads

– as an assembly paste for transition and loose fits to prevent fretting corrosion
– as a paste for screw connections based on high-alloy steels to optimise the tightening torque and demounting, even after long operating periods
– as a long-term lubricant for low-speed guide rails, hinges, rollers, etc.


Application notes


Before applying KlüberpasteUH1 96-402 it is important to clean and degrease the contact surfaces thoroughly. A thin layer of the paste is then applied by brush, leather cloth or synthetic sponge. Klüberpaste UH1 96-402 spreads easily over the entire surface, facilitating easy processing. We recommend carrying out compatibility tests before applying the paste to plastic materials. Equipment manufacturers and operators should therefore conduct risk analyses prior to such applications. Measures to exclude health or injury risks are to be undertaken if necessary.

Opened packs must be thoroughly closed again after use to protect the paste from contamination. The friction values indicated on page 2 in the Section Product Data were determined with two different materials. Other materials/surfaces have to be checked accordingly.


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