Klüber Klüberpaste R 11-502

Klüber Klüberpaste R 11-502 Is a special paste containing solid lubricants.

Klüber Klüberpaste R 11-502 is a Special paste for lubrication of plastic materials and prevention of stick-slip and noise.


Benefits for your application


– Noise prevention
– Prevention of stick-slip
– For plastic/plastic sliding pairings (e.g. POM)
– For use with NBR and other rubber-elastic materials
– Highly adhesive
– Resistant to water




Klüberpaste R 11-502 is a special paste containing solid lubricants used for the lubrication and noise-prevention in plastic-plastic material pairings, e.g. in sliding or dampening elements made of thermoplastics, and in particular POM-POM pairings.

Due to the carefully designed combination with solid lubricants, the difference between static and sliding friction is minimised, which enables Klüberpaste R 11-502 to prevent creaking noises even in relatively elastic materials like plastics, and even under high loads.



Various components in power transmission applications that are subject to mechano-dynamic or static loads such as power gears (for dampening), adjustment gears in automotive engineering (e.g. for window lifters, sun roofs, seat adjustment, roll-up shades, etc.) or similar applications.


Application notes


The lubricant can be applied by means of spatula, brush or mechanical grease gun. Suitability for application and metering by means of automatic systems should be checked with the equipment manufacturer.


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