Klüber Klüberoil Y F 100


Klüber Klüberoil Y F 100 Is a polyalkylenglycol oil containing solid lubricant. Klüber Klüberoil Y F 100 is a High-temperature chain oil.


Benefits for your application


– Chain oil for very high temperatures
– Good wetting properties
– Excellent penetration behaviour



Klüberoil YF 100 is a polyalkylenglycol oil containing solid lubricants. It is suitable for the lubrication of chains operating at very high temperatures. It has good wetting properties, an excellent penetration behaviour and high stability.




Klüberoil YF 100 is suitable for the lubrication of transport chains used in the food processing industry, e.g. plate carrier chains in bread baking ovens. It can also be used on drive and control chains in melting furnaces used in the metal industry and on other chains subject to high temperatures.


Application notes


Klüberoil YF 100 is applied by brush, oil can or automatic lubricating devices. We recommend relubricating the chains at a tem-perature below 150 °C or when completely cool. Shake the container well before use to ensure an even distribution of the solid lubricant particles. Install a propeller stirrer in the lubricant container of central lubrication systems to stir the lubricant until homogeneous prior to each relubrication interval.

Service temperature range


Klüberoil YF 100 is suitable for temperatures up to 500 °C, with dry lubrication being gradually reached above 200 °C. Once applied to the chain, the lubricant is functional down to approx. – 30 °C. When using an automatic lubrication system observe the manufacturer’s instructions on viscosity limits.


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