Klüber Klüberoil Tex 1-32 N


Klüber Klüberoil Tex 1-32 N is an Anti-wear, biodegradable needle and sinker oils.


Your benefits at a glance


– Comply with the legal requirements set forth in EU Directive 2003/53/EC for placing NP/NPE-containing products on the market
– Long service life of stitch-forming elements due to good wear protection and damping effect
– Compatible with electronic control systems, elastane fibres and commonly used sealing materials and plastics due to the special base oils and additives
– Higher economical efficiency of knitting machines due to reduced downtime
– Reduction of operating costs due to extended maintenance intervals
– Cost reduction in wet processing due to the good scourability of the needle oil


Your requirements – our solution


In the knitting industry, requirements in terms of consistent product quality, compatibility of materials, wear protection and scourability are becoming more and more stringent. We therefore developed the Klüberoil Tex 1-…N oils, which are manufactured in consistent quality using special mineral base oils and additives. These oils are biodegradable according to OECD – 301 c.


Klüberoil Tex 1-…N oils reduce wear and deposits on stitchforming elements, thus ensuring long and trouble-free operation of knitting machines, while at the same time reducing operating costs.


Klüberoil Tex 1-… oils are easily scourable with modern, environmentally sound washing liquors. They provide excellent corrosion protection and meet the increasingly important biodegradability requirements according to the OECD guideline 301 c.



Klüberoil Tex 1-… oils lubricate needles, sinkers, couplings, needle cams, cylinders, dials and sinker rings in knitting machines and protect them against wear. In addition, they ensure clean needle grooves and help to extend needle and sinker life. A reduction in the operating temperature of your knitting machines is possible owing to the good anti-wear properties of the oils.

Klüberoil Tex 1-… N oils are compatible with elastane fibres and commonly used synthetic fibres as well as sealing materials and plastics.

Klüberoil Tex 1-… N oils are available in the viscosity grades ISO VG 22, 32 and 46 and can therefore be used for circular and flat-bed knitting machines. Klüberoil Tex 1-… N- oils are tested and approved by leading knitting machine manufacturers.


Application notes


Klüberoil Tex 1-… N oils can be precisely metered by means of conventional oil feeders. Please observe the machine manufacturer’s viscosity recommendations.

Before changing over to Klüberoil Tex 1-…N oils, please make sure the oil feeders are drained and the oil containers are thoroughly cleaned. Different types of needle oils should never be mixed due to their different chemical composition.

We recommend Klüber Silvertex R 14, our special cleaning and flushing agent, to clean your machines. Monitoring of the lubrication quantity is recommended following changeover with readjustment where necessary.

As the oils change their viscosity with decreasing temperatures, we recommend heating it up before use in order to ensure trouble-free operation of the machines.

Please note that biodegradable products should be handled with the same care as all conventional oils. Any avoidance of contamination is to the benefit of the environment.

If you wish to optimise the service life of your knitting machine or have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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