Klüber Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray


Klüber Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray is a mineral-oil-based high-performance chain oil


Benefits for your application


– Reduced maintenance
– Ease of application
– Longer chain life
– Lower lubricant consumption
– Lower maintenance costs




Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray is a high-performance chain oil on a mineral oil base offering good wear and corrosion protection. The antiwear properties of this product have been optimised via extensive testing on the Klüber power chain test rig ensuring the lubricant enables extended chain life.

Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray easily penetrates into all chain parts. On evaporation of the solvent carrier fluid, an adhesive lubricant film is produced. The special formulation enables longer relubrication intervals, lower lubricant consumption, maintenance and lubricant cost savings.




Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray is used for the lubrication of conveyor, drive and lifting chains operating at normal ambient conditions and temperatures in a wide variety of industrial applications.


Application notes


Shake Klüberoil CM 1-220 Spray well before use and then spray between the chain side plates. Ensure sufficient ventilation as explosive mixtures may form. After spraying, wait until solvent has evaporated.

Do not spray near naked flame, incandescent or hot objects. Observe additional application notes in the material safety data sheet and on the can label. Protect product against direct sunlight and temperatures above 50 °C.



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