Klüber Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray


Klüber Klüberoil 4 UH1-1500 N Spray Is a synthetic gear and multipurpose oil for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Benefits for your application


– Requirements set forth in DIN 51517-3,CLP are met by viscosity variants ISO VG 68 to 680. Klüberoil 4 UH1 N oils can be used in gearboxes requiring these standards without prior consent by the gearbox OEM if the application notes are observed.
– Registered as NSF H1 for use in the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries, comply with FDA 21 CFR Sec 178.3570.
– NSF ISO 21469 certified – supports the compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant.
– Having a synthetic polyalphaolefin base oil, Klüberoil 4 UH1 N oils have a significantly prolonged service life
compared to mineral and white oil due to the base oil’s excellent ageing resistance and oxidation stability. Service intervals can be extended and in some cases even lifetime lubrication can be achieved.
– Due to the wide service temperature range, it is often sufficient to use just one viscosity grade for both high and low temperatures.
– The good viscosity-temperature behaviour supports the formation of a sufficient lubricating film, also under elevated or high temperatures.
– Due to the oils’ good wear protection for both the gear teeth and the rolling bearings, the lubricated components attain their calculated lifetime.




Klüberoil 4 UH 1 N oils are lubricating oils based on polyalphaolefin. Klüberoil 4 UH 1 N oils meet the CLP requirements according to DIN 51517-3.

These lubricating oils exhibit a good scuffing load capacity and good antiwear protection for rolling bearings according to FAG FE8. The corrosion protection properties of these oils are very good as is their ageing and oxidation stability. They also have a high resistance to shear and do not foam.

Klüberoil 4 UH 1 N oils are NSF H1 registered and therefore comply with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricants were developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. The use of Klüberoil 4 UH 1 N oils can contribute to increase reliability of your production processes.

We nevertheless recommend conducting an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.




Klüberoil 4 UH 1 oils are used for the lubrication of friction points in food-processing and pharmaceutical machinery. They are especially suitable for the lubrication of spur, bevel and worm gears, bearings, spindles and joints, as well as of lift, drive and conveyor chains at low temperatures.


Application notes


When used in gears, Klüberoil 4 UH 1 oils may be applied by immersion, immersion circulation or injection. Drip-feed lubrication and application by brush or oil can is also possible.


Klüberoil 4 UH 1 oils are miscible with mineral oils and polyalphaolefin oils. However, we recommend cleaning the oil circulation system or flushing it with the new oil prior to using Klüberoil 4 UH 1 for the first time. Especially with a view to the H1 requirements in the food-processing industry, any mixing of Klüberoil 4 UH 1 oils with non-food-grade lubricants should be avoided.


For permanent temperatures at the seal edge up to 80 °C, NBR seals (acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber) may be used. For higher temperatures, it is safer to use FKM seals instead. It should be noted that elastomers from one or several manufacturers can behave differently. This lubricant is registered as H1, which means that it has been designed for incidental, technically unavoidable food contact.


Viscosity selection for rolling bearings and gears To select the correct oil viscosity, observe the bearing manufacturer’s instructions. Only in cases where there are no gear manufacturer’s instructions, the viscosity can be selected in accordance with the worksheet “Klüberoil 4 UH 1 oils – selection of oil viscosity for gears”. For determining the correct viscosity for gears, the manufacturer’s instructions take priority


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