Klüber Klüberlub LM 41-102


Klüber Klüberlub LM 41-102 Is a low-temperature greases for slides and small gears.


Benefits for your application

– Good low-temperature properties
– Self-locking effect in worm gears
– Good corrosion protection
– Pumpable through centralized lubrication equipment


Klüberlub LM 41-32 N and Klüberlub LM 41-102 are special greases based on mineral oil and a lithium soap thickener. Due to their low base oil viscosity Klüberlub LM 41-32 N and Klüberlub LM 41-120 are suitable for temperatures down to – 40°C.


Klüberlub LM 41-32 N and Klüberlub LM 41-102 have been designed especially for worm gears where a “self-locking” effect is desired. On the Tannert sliding friction test rig Klüberlub EM 41-102 shows a higher self-locking effect due to its higher base oil viscosity. Test results obtained with steel/POM material combinations can be requested at the Klüber Business Unit Automotive Engineering.

Klüberlub LM 41-32 N and Klüberlub LM 41-102 are used for small gears in the automotive industry, e.g. in window lifters, sun roof and seat adjustment or for slides, lumbar adjustment, steering columns and central locking mechanisms. Both greases are suitable for steel/plastic material combinations.

Application notes

Klüberlub LM 41-32 N and Klüberlub LM 41-102 can be applied by brush, spatula, conventional metering systems or via centralized lubrication equipment.


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