Klüber Klüberlub BE 41-1002


Klüber Klüberlub BE 41-1002 Is a heavy-duty lubricating grease for low-speed rolling bearings subject to high load.


Benefits for your application


– High efficiency and low maintenance requirements due to
– long service lifetime with extended relubrication intervals
– reliable application by means of centralised lubrication systems
– Prolonged component lifetime due to excellent wear protection based on
– high base oil viscosity in combination with special antiwear additives and black solid lubricants for emergency lubrication
– Good adhesion as well as good water resistance and corrosion protection
– Good pumpability at low temperatures enables operation also in cold climate


Klüberlub BE 41-1002 is a heavy-duty lubricating grease based on highly viscous mineral oil and a special lithium thickener as well as particularly functional additives.

Klüberlub BE 41-1002 is a long-life lubricating grease with good load-carrying capacity, good antiwear and corrosion protection as well as very good pumpability even under low temperature.


Klüberlub BE 41-1002 was especially designed and developed for large low-speed rolling bearings subject to high loads. It can be typically applied to lubricate the bearings of rollers (spherical roller bearings) in roller presses, bowl mills and rotary crushers in the base material industry. This grease is also suitable for the lubrication of pivoting bearings and plain bearings.

Application notes

Klüberlub BE 41-1002 can be applied by means of spatula, grease gun or centralised lubricating systems. Ideally, all lubrication points should be cleaned and old grease be removed prior to the application of Klüberlub BE 41-1002. If the friction points cannot be cleaned for technical reasons, we recommend replacing the existing grease by more frequent relubrication in the initial phase after changeover.


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