Klüber Klüberlectric R 64-401


Klüber Klüberlectric R 64-401 Is a paste for easy assembly of plastic and elastomer components in the electrical industry.


Benefits for your application


– Neutral especially towards silicone-based elastomers
– Low assembly forces
– Good electrical insulation
– Odourless also when heated




Klüberlectric R 64-401 is a fully synthetic assembly paste based on synthetic hydrocarbons and silicate.

Klüberlectric R 64-401 reduces the force needed to assemble silicone-based elastomers in electrical components and devices
without affecting the insulating effect of plastic and elastomer materials. Klüberlectric R 64-401 ensures these low forces for a considerably longer time than silicone-based assembly pastes; consequently, components can later be disassembled for inspection without being destroyed. The electroconductive characteristics of Klüberlectric R 64-401 are hardly affected by moisture.

Klüberlectric R 64-401 is neutral towards silicone-based elastomers. Due to the many different material compositions, we recommend component tests under real-life conditions for compatibility with the assembly paste prior to series application.




Assembly processes involving plastic and elastomer materials in the electrical industry.


– cable coupling boxes
– insulating sleeves
– O-rings


Application notes


Klüberlectric R 64-401 is a ready-to-use product and can be applied by means of e.g. brush. Special containers such as tubes with brush applicator can be supplied on request for orders of sufficient volume and delivery time.


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