Klüber Klüberlectric KR 44-402


Klüber Klüberlectric KR 44-402 is a special grease for the lubrication of electrical switches, contacts and sensors


Benefits for your application


– Wide service temperature range
– Good corrosion protection of copper and silver contacts
– Ageing and oxidation stability
– Good compatibility with plastics
– Damping effect
– Contains a UV indicator




Klüberlectric KR 44-402 is a special grease for the lubrication of electrical switches, contacts and sensors. It consists of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil and lithium complex soap  incorporating a UV indicator for quality inspection when locally applied in small quantities. A special additive combination makes Klüberlectric KR 44-402 particularly suitable for the lubrication of electrical contacts. It is intended especially for the protection and lubrication of copper, tin and silver surfaces against corrosion. Further positive effects are: reduction of plugin and switching forces, reduction of fretting corrosion, extended connecting and switching cycles, constantly low contact resistance and smoother switching transitions.




For electrical components in the automotive, industrial engineering and installations sector. Due to its specific base oil viscosity, Klüberlectric KR 44-402 works particularly well under medium to high contact forces and at low temperatures. It is compatible with most plastic materials and hence can be used for the lubrication of plastic/plastic material combinations.

Klüberlectric KR 44-402 minimises contact resistance values under lifetime operating requirements subject to varying electrical and mechanical loads.


Application notes


To utilise this special grease’s full performance capacity, component parts to be greased should be cleaned to remove all foreign substances such as corrosion protection oils, waxes, etc. Electrical contacts should be bright and clean. The lubricant can be applied by spatula, tampon printing or via automatic dosing equipment. Due to the many different material compositions, in terms of elastomers and plastics, compatibility with the selected materials should always be tested prior to series application.



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