Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152


Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152 Is a fully synthetic lubricating grease. Klüber Klüberlectric BE 44-152 is an Electro-conductive rolling bearing grease.


Benefits for your application

– Longer component life
– due to long-term and for-life lubrication of rolling bearings subject to static electricity
– due to excellent wear protection based on special additives and solid lubricants


Klüberlectric BE 44-152 is a fully synthetic lubricating grease based on a synthetic hydrocarbon oil, lithium soap and dark solid lubricants. Due to its special composition, static electricity in rolling bearings is conducted through the grease, thus preventing local voltage discharge, which would severely damage the bearing raceways and rolling elements.


Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has been designed for the long-term lubrication of rolling bearings in which static electricity may occur, such as electric motors, paper-making machines, copying machines, film-stretching stenters, guides in conveyors and fans. Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has proven efficient for ball and roller bearings subject to a current intensity of approx. 1 Ampere. The electric conductivity of Klüberlectric BE 44-152 has been determined in tests based on DIN 53 482 (withdrawn). On the rolling bearing test rig FAG-FE9 acc. to DIN 51 821 and on FAG-FE8 acc. to DIN 51 819, the product showed very good service life and wear protection.

Application notes

Klüberlectric BE 44-152 can be applied by spatula, brush or grease gun. If central lubrication systems are to be used, please check pumpability beforehand. Owing to the many different elastomer and plastic compositions their compatibility has to be checked prior to series applications.


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