Klüber Klüberfluid NH1 1-002

Klüber Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 Is an organic solvent organic solvent with NSF H1 and K1 registration.


Benefits for your application

– ISO 21469 certified – supports the compliance with the hygienic requirements in your production plant.
– Higher process stability in manufacture of aluminium packages for the food and pharmaceutical industries
– Can be mixed e.g. with PARALIQ P 68 or PARALIQ 91 at various mixing ratios for individualised performance


Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 is an organic solvent that is registered as an NSF H1 and K1 product.

Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 has universal use as a solvent with NSF H1 registration and can also offer particular benefits when used in combination with other products with NSF H1 or 3H registration. In such applications, Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 ensures higher stability of production processes and less risk for the operator.

Outstanding characteristics of this product are its high flash point – unusual for an organic solvent – as well as the stability of mixtures of Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 and PARALIQ P 68 or PARALIQ 91.

Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 is NSF H1 registered and therefore complies with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The lubricant was developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries.

Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 is also registered as a surface cleaner / degreasing agent according to NSF K1.

The use of Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 can contribute to increase reliability of your production processes. We nevertheless recommend conducting an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.


Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 may be used for a wide range of applications, particularly those requiring products that are registered as NSF H1 or K1.

When applied in its pure form, Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 serves as a forming fluid evaporating without leaving residues. As a solvent, it can disperse oils and greases and increase the spreadability of the lubricating film, e.g. in the manufacture of aluminium packages.

Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 has proven particularly successful in the adaptation of oils to process requirements, e.g. PARALIQ P 68 or PARALIQ P 91 used in the manufacture (e.g. deep drawing) of aluminium packages for the food or pharmaceutical industries.
Beside these applications, our NSF K1-registered product

Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 can of course also be used as a surface  cleaner. Oils, greases and waxes can be removed quickly and thoroughly from metal surfaces.

Application notes

Mixing ratios can be individually adjusted to suit process requirements.
No particular sequence has to be adhered to when mixing Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 with PARALIQ P 68 or PARALIQ 91. Contamination risks can be reduced by cleaning the surface to be greased with Klüberfluid NH1 1-002 prior to applying the lubricant.

When applied by spray, an exhaustion device is mandatory is order to avoid the inhalation (see also SDS point 2)


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