Klüber Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra


Klüber Klüberfluid D-F 1 Ultra Is a repair lubricant for open girth gear drives.


Benefits for your application

– Correction and repair lubricant for large open gear drives
– Ready-to-use product
– Suitable for application under full load conditions
– No cleaning of gears required after use
– Low consumption rate
– Free from solvents, bitumen, heavy metals, chlorine, graphite and MoS2
– Light-coloured, transparent formulation


Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA is a running-in and repair lubricant suitable for manual spray application. It is based on mineral oil thickened with lithium soap and contains special additives.

Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA is resistant to high pressure and is free from bitumen, solvents, heavy metals, chlorine, graphite  and MoS2.

Thanks to absence of solid lubricants, Klüberfluid DF1 ULTRA is classified as a light-coloured product making it highly suitable for drives where a clean, transparent, operational lubricant is required.


Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA was specially developed for repair lubrication of damaged open gears. It is also highly suitable for
rapid running-in of new or newly aligned gear sets such as those used with rotary kilns, tube kilns and winches, for example in the cement industry, power generation, mining, chemical industry, paper and sugar industry as well as the marine sector.

Application notes

Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA is applied in small quantities either by manual application via the Klübermatic LB pump or alternatively by brush. To ensure optimum results are attained, repair lubrication should always be performed by experienced service engineers or technicians. Klüber specialists are internationally available to conduct this specialist service.

Klüberfluid DF1 ULTRA must be stirred prior to application.

NOTE: Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA must not be applied via automatic spray equipment or centralised lubrication systems. To avoid misuse or error, Klüberfluid D-F 1 ULTRA should be stored in a safe place with its application restricted to specially authorised personnel!


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