Klüber Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra


Klüber Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra Is a mineral oil based running-in lubricant for open drives.


Benefits for your application

– Running-in and corrective lubricant for open drives with splash or circulation lubrication
– Free from heavy metals, solvents, bitumen, and chlorine
– Easy application
– Controlled wear for tooth face correction


Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra is a mineral oil based aluminium stearate saponified running-in lubricant especially designed for splash or circular lubrication. A specific combination of additives including special graphite allows controlled running-in of new, or smoothening of damaged, tooth profiles while protecting the remaining tooth faces. The longer this lubricant is applied the less wear occurs.

Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra is a non-Newtonian fluid free from bitumen, solvents, heavy metals, and chlorine. In accordance with AGMA 251.02, Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra is classified among the “Special Compounds” (sect. 3.4). The specifications of table 6, “Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricants”, are fully satisfied.


Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra is used in the splash, paddle wheel or circulation lubrication of open gears for running-in lubrication or tooth profile correction.

Possible uses are limited neither by component size nor by driving power. The peripheral speed should not exceed 8.5 m/s. Drives of this kind are mainly used in rotary kilns, tube mills, and similar machines as are used in the cement, lime, gypsum, mining and chemical industries. Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra is not suitable for the lubrication of (rolling or sliding) bearings.

Application notes

Klüberfluid B-F 1 Ultra can either be filled into the immersion bath so that lubrication is done by direct transfer of the lubricant to the tooth faces or if you have the circular lubrication system  Klübermatic PA the lubricant is force-pumped onto the tooth faces.


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