Klüber Klüberfluid 9 R 100


Klüber Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is a special synthetic oil based assembly and anticorrosion fluid


Benefits for your application


– Compatible with SBR and EPDM elastomers
– Prevents corrosion during storage and transport
– Miscible with brake fluids, e.g. in acc. with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1
– Excellent wetting properties and high lubricity, especially when metal and elastomer materials are paired




Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is a special synthetic oil based assembly fluid which can also be used as an efficient anticorrosion agent. Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is compatible with SBR and EPDM elastomers as well as with the brake fluids DOT 3, 4 and 5.1.




Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is particularly suitable for automotive brake components. It can also be used as an anticorrosion agent for  steel parts, protecting them while in stock and during transport between production and assembly, with the advantage that it does not have to be removed prior to the fitting of SBR and  EPDM elastomer parts. When used as an assembly fluid, Klüberfluid 9 R 100 facilitates the precise joining of individual components and thus supports functional reliability, preventing damage to the seals during fitting. Klüberfluid 9 R 100 is used as an assembly aid, anticorrosion agent and functional lubricant, e.g. to attain the roll-back effect of brake pistons. Its excellent wetting properties in conjunction with high lubricity have a favourable effect on initial friction, especially when metal and elastomer materials are paired.


Application notes


Due to its low viscosity, Klüberfluid 9 R 100 can be efficiently applied by immersion or spraying.



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