Klüber Klüberflex Modul 3


Klüber Klüberflex Modul 3 Is a Module for improvement of coating adhesion. Klüber Klüberflex Modul 3 is a Module for noise reduction of profiled seals in car bodies.


Benefits for your application

– Immediate minimization of noise
– Module is added individually to Klüberflex or Klübertop bonded coating
– Easy preparation
– No extensive stirring equipment or long mixing times required
– High degree of product standardization in your manufacturing processes
– Tried and tested base product; many variations possible due to the Klüberflex product concept


Klüberflex Module 3 is an additional element which can be individually added to Klüberflex or Klübertop bonded coatings in order to minimize noise and prevent stick-slip.

NOTE: Klüberflex modules are products developed for use in combination with Klüberflex and some Klübertop bonded coatings.

They cannot be purchased without the base product and must not be used for any other use than that intended for these bonded coatings.


Noise is often generated by stick-slip and may occur in car body seals under various conditions. Decisive factors can be temperature, air humidity, material pairing, etc. Quite often, such noises occur in a current series, either temporarily (e.g. due to changing ambient conditions), or permanently in cars which are particularly liable to generate noise (e.g. convertibles).

Application examples for Klüberflex Module 3 in Klüberflex or Klübertop bonded coatings:

Profiled seals in car bodies e.g. EPDM, TPE, VMQ:

– door seals
– window channels
– channel seals
– sun roof seals, etc.

Sealing rings made of NBR, HNBR, FKM, EPDM etc.

Application notes

Klüberflex Module 3 is rather viscous, but it can be easily mixed with the bonded coating base material. This should always be done at ambient temperature. Small trial quantities up to one liter can be mixed by hand, if necessary, preferably by means of a hand stirrer. The stirring time is at least 5 minutes. The product should be filtered after mixing, e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm.

For larger quantities we recommend using a power stirrer to attain better homogenization. A mean stirring speed of approx. 800 rpm is sufficient. The stirring time should be at least 5 min. Adding Module 3 to a 2-component coating:

At first, mix components A and B according to instructions, then add Klüberflex Module 3 to the ready mixture.

The bonded coating mixture containing Klüberflex Module 3 can be used for at least 6 months when appropriately stored in a closed container.
We recommend adding Klüberflex Module 3 in a quantity between 1 and 10 %.


When added in larger quantities, Klüberflex Module 3 may affect the coating’s ability to be overpainted. Please check for each case individually.


Protect product against frost and heat. If the product is frozen, let it thaw at room temperature and stir thoroughly


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