Klüber Klüberflex Modul 2


Klüber Klüberflex Modul 2 Is an Module for improvement of coating adhesion.


Benefits for your application

– Maximum flexibility to attain optimized product performance
– due to individual adjustment of coating adhesion to the elastomer substrate
– Simple mixing
– no extensive stirring equipment or lengthy mixing required
– High degree of product standardization in your production plant
– tried and tested base product – many possible variations thanks to the Klüberflex product concept


Klüberflex Module 2 serves for optimizing the adhesion of Klüberflex bonded coatings on critical elastomers.


Bonded coatings of the Klüberflex series are used to reduce friction and wear in profiled seals and O-rings made e.g. of EPDM, ACM, NBR, FKM, VMQ.

Application notes

Klüberflex Module 2 is fluid, of moderate viscosity and hence blends easily with the Klüberflex base product. For small pilot quantities up to one liter, mixing can take place manually. We recommend mixing with the aid of a rod. For larger quantities, an electric stirrer should be used to ensure better homogenization. Mixing may take place at low speed, which helps to avoid foaming, but should go on for at least 5 min. The product should be filtered after mixing, e.g. using a nylon filter with a pore size of 125-150 μm.

The Klüberflex base product mixed with Module 2 can be used for at least six months provided it is properly stored in the closed container. We recommend adding between 1 and 5 % of Module 2, depending on the substrate material.

NOTE: Klüberflex modules are products developed for use in combination with Klüberflex and some Klübertop bonded coatings.

They cannot be purchased without the base product and must not be used for any other use than that intended for these
bonded coatings.


Klüberflex Module 2 will only become effective at drying temperatures > 100 °C for at least 1 min. When Klüberflex Module 2 is added to the base product, the gloss grade on the hardened coating may increase.


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