Klüber Klüberflex 300-0 N


Klüber Klüberflex 300-0 N Is a One-component bonded coating free from co-solvent for sealing rings.


Benefits for your application

– Easy and clean assembly of O-ring seals
– Easy separation of rings during automatic feeding due to anti-stick surface
– Quick check of coating quality after application due to integrated UV indicator (excitation at 300-400 nm)
– Cost savings during processing
– Easy and uncomplicated processing
– Ready to use! No dilution or mixing of several components.
– High flexibility helps to meet your individual customer requirements
– Individualised product adjustment with additional product modules


The product name Klüberflex designates a modular product concept offering a range of individualized solutions, from the simple base product to a complex bonded coating system incorporating a variety of features.

Klüberflex 300-0 N is the water-miscible, heat-hardening base product for high requirements on sealing systems. This bonded coating combines, when hardened, a soft and pleasant surface finish with high resistance to wear and chemical agents.


Klüberflex 300-0 N has been designed to improve the assembly of statically loaded sealing rings made of EPDM, FKM, AEM or ACM.
Owing to the good wear resistance it can also be used for dynamically loaded components, depending on the type and duration of loads.
Typical applications include:

– O-ring seals
– radial shaft seals, etc.

Application notes

After stirring, the product has to be filtered, e.g. using a nylon filter with a mesh size of 125- 150 µm. Klüberflex 300-0 N is ready for use. No dilution required when processing it in drum spray devices. The preferred application method is spraying, however immersion or brushing are possible as well.

Recommended spraying parameters:

Spray gun: compressed air or HVLP
Nozzle diameter: 0.5 – 0.8 mm, Feed pressure: 2 – 4 bar.
Additional application notes


When applying the product by spray system, we recommend installing an agitator in the storage container to prevent solid particles from settling. The storage container should be closed with a lid  The spraying equipment and storage container can be cleaned with tap water. Ensure that only oil- and water-free compressed air is used. Open packs should be closed again immediately after use.
Special notes for converting a system from solventcontaining to water-miscible bonded coatings:

Flammable coatings, adhesives, etc. usually contain organic solvents and binding agents which are not water-miscible. In case of short-term conversions (e.g. for testing purposes) it is indispensable to use a HYBRID SOLVENT as an INTERMEDIATE CLEANING AGENT. It is important for the solvent to be compatible with the solvent-containing coating and the water-miscible coating. Use for example acetone or isopropanol as INTERMEDIATE CLEANING AGENT.

Before using the intermediate cleaning agent, make sure it is compatible with the solvent-containing coating.
Steps of conversion to a water-miscible coating:

1. Clean the equipment with a solvent/cleaner which is compatible with the flammable coating
2. Use an intermediate cleaner (as described before)
3. Secondary cleaning with water
4. Apply the water-miscible coating
For a permanent conversion to water-miscible coatings we recommend replacing all hoses, control valves and feed lines.


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