Klüber Klübercut ST 6-703

Klüber Klübercut ST 6-703 Is a thin-bodied mixture of glycol and aliphatic hydrocarbons, Metalworking oil for nonferrous metals.

Benefits for your application

– Excellent stamping and cutting properties
– Environmentally compatible, no disposal
– Better working environment
– Micro-dosage
– Low consumption


Klübercut ST 6-703 is a thin-bodied mixture of glycol and aliphatic hydrocarbons. Its synthetic structure provides improved lubricity during the cutting of non ferrous metals plus a wear reducing effect on machine tooling.



– sawing and profiling of barstock made of brass or aluminium
– stamping and deburring of diecast parts and aluminium sheets
– medium cutting processes, e.g. drilling, milling and boring

Application notes

As Klübercut ST 6-703 is used undiluted, only a very small quantity is required at the friction point, i.e. the point of contact between the tool and the workpiece. Micro-dosing is a technical development enabling reduced environmental impact.

Product advantages include:

– only minute oil residues remain on the swarf; the swarf can be directly transferred to the scrap cycle for reprocessing
– no disposal of coolants, no separation and disposal of used emulsions are necessary
– improved tool life and surface quality; the undiluted metalworking oil reduces friction and heat generation.

The successful application of Klübercut ST 6-703 is based on using only minimal quantities by way of micro-dosage.

Klübercut ST 6-703 proves its efficiency via lubrication with extremely low quantities and not via cooling with large quantities. This ensures practically dry machines and component parts. Reduced airborne oil mist clearly improves the working environment.

Klüber Lubrication can assist the selection of suitable microdosing equipment for application of Klübercut ST 6-703. Where higher demands are required, the lubricating film thickness can be increased by adding Klüberfluid 9 R 100, thus increasing the forming capacity.


Klübercut ST 6-703 is miscible with Klüberfluid 9 R 100, for example to increase drawing performance


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