Klüber Klübercut CO 6-102


Klüber Klübercut CO 6-102 Is a metal-working oil.


Your benefits at a glance

– Rapidly biodegradable
– Non-water polluting
– Environmentally compatible, no disposal
– Almost dry machines
– Almost dry tools and swarfs
– Low consumption

Your requirements – our solution

Klübercut CO 6-102 is a metal-working oil. It is environmentally compatible and can be used for metal cutting and punching processes. This high-quality metalworking oil is not miscible with water and is applied undiluted. The substances mentioned in the following are not contained in the formulation of this lubricant, however the occurrence of traces cannot be excluded.

– amines
– boron
– chlorine
– phosphor
– sulphur
– heavy metals
– silicone

and thus shows an almost neutral behaviour towards metals.

Klübercut CO 6-102 is classified as non-water polluting. At the same time, it is rapidly biodegradable. Apart from minute residue on the swarf, the product undergoes rapid biodegradation in the scrap phase and is transformed into a substance non hazardous to the environment.


The emphasis of application is in the range of easy to medium cutting processes, e.g. in

– drilling and boring
– milling
– sawing.

Klübercut CO 6-102 is suitable for a number of metals, particularly for

– Al and Al alloys
– nonferrous metals

but also for

– steels
– composite materials.

As Klübercut CO 6-102 is used undiluted, only a very small quantity is required on the friction point, i.e. the point of contact
between the tool and the workpiece. Micro-dosing constitutes a technical progress in the direction of environmental compatibility.

The advantages include:

– only minute oil residue remains on the swarf; the swarf can be directly transferred to the scrap cycle and be re-used;
– no disposal of coolants, no separation and disposal of used emulsions;
– clearly improved working environment; almost dry machines and components, less oil mist or oil vapour;
– improved tool life and surface quality; the undiluted metalworking oil reduces friction and heat generation.

Application notes

The successful application of Klübercut CO 6-102 is based on using only minimal quantites by way of micro-dosage. This metalworking fluid proves its efficiency in lubrication with extremely small quantities and not in cooling with large quantities.


Klübercut CO 6-102 is applied to the area between the tool’s cutting edge and the workpiece. The product’s excellent lubricity permits reduction of the cutting speed and increase of the feed rate.
We will be pleased to assist you in selecting a suitable microdosing system.


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