Klüber Klüberbio M 72-82


Klüber Klüberbio M 72-82 Is a fully synthetic and readily biodegradable special grease.


Benefits for your application

– Readily biodegradable, therefore environment-friendly
– Good adhesion and water resistance for long relubrication intervals
– Good pressure-absorption capacity
– Good pumpability through central lubrication systems over a wide temperature range


Klüberbio M 72-82 is a fully synthetic and readily biodegradable special grease classified in water pollution category 1. Its biodegradability acc. to OECD 301 F is > 60 % after 28 days.

Klüberbio M 72-82 is very resistant to water, protects against corrosion, shows a good load-carrying capacity and ageing resistance.


Klüberbio M 72-82 should be used wherever there is a risk of the lubricant contaminating the soil or water. It is therefore recommended for applications in water treatment plants, hydroelectric power plants, installations in ports, paper mills, etc., to lubricate rolling and plain bearings, chains, joints, open drives, ropes, racks and gear rims. It is also suitable for the lubrication of wood-working machines, construction machines, agricultural and forestry equipment as well as truck chassis.

Klüberbio M 72-82 can also be used in water sports vehicles, bicycles, lawn mowers and similar outdoor equipment.

Application notes

Klüberbio M 72-82 can be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun and with automatic metering devices. It shows good pumpability based on the positive Vogel/Marawe FTG 2 test results.


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