Klüber Klüberbeta VR 87-883


Klüber Klüberbeta VR 87-883 Is a speciality lubricant based on silicone oil.

Klüber Klüberbeta VR 87-883 is a Special lubricant, sliding and sealing agent for valves and fittings.


Your benefits at a glance

– Extended component service life due to
– good low-temperature behaviour and high thermal resistance
– neutral behaviour towards elastomers, plastics and metals
– good resistance to media and sealing effect e.g. towards disinfectants and cleaning agents
– very good resistance to both cold and hot water
– Operational smoothness and prevention of stick-slip due to
– overy low temperature dependence of lubricant film
– overy good and durable wetting of friction points
– oreduced friction and wear in a multitude of material combinations
– DIN-DVGW-type examination certificate acc. to DIN EN 377 class E (…160 °C) as lubricant for use in equipment and actuators for fuel gases

Your requirements – our solution

Klüberbeta VR 87-883 is a speciality lubricant based on silicone oil and contains light-coloured solid lubricants. It offers high thermal stability in the tribo-system, even under the influence of highly varied ambient conditions.

Klüberbeta VR 87-883 offers good adhesion to various materials and their surfaces. While even friction points that are hard to access or narrow lubrication gaps are reliably wetted, the lubricant does not tend to flow off where the component geometry is unfavourable, e.g. in vertical arrangements or moving friction points.


Klüberbeta VR 87-883 offers versatile uses as a design element or assembly aid.

The product is used as lubricant, sliding and sealing agent e.g. in gas equipment of all categories including the additional fittings contained in them or intended to be fitted in them which can come into contact with fuel gases as defined in EN 377. Such fittings include ball, taper plug and other valves in cooking and heating installations, etc. (in copper and copper alloy material pairings as well as in those of aluminium/brass or aluminium/aluminium) that are used with fuel gases or gas mixtures such as natural or town gas as well as propane and butane as specified in DVGW worksheet G260.

Furthermore, Klüberbeta VR 87-883 is used wherever improved sliding performance and/or a reduction of abrasion and wear are desirable, e.g. in plastic valves, also when exposed to cold or hot water or steam up to 130 °C. Further possible applications are as a pressing-in or removal aid (e.g. for O rings, sleeves, etc.) or as a sliding and sealing agent for ground joints or valves in laboratory apparatus (e.g. in the chemical industry). In pneumatics, the product may be used for the initial and for-life lubrication of cylinders and valves and as an assembly aid e.g. for radial shaft seals or sealing packings, also in combination with cold or hot water or many other chemical substances.

Klüberbeta VR 87-883 has low or no resistance to most organic solvents as well as strong acidic and alkaline solutions. Resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions with a concentration up to 10 % and a temperature up to 90 °C, however, is good.

Application notes


Klüberbeta VR 87-883 can be applied by means of spatula, brush, customary metering and application equipment as well as by means of the pad printing process. When using pumps, please make sure to observe the pertinent information in the safety data sheet.

For initial lubrication in particular, all surfaces/friction points in contact with the lubricant should preferably be free of oil,
grease, process substances, perspiration and contamination.

Klüberbeta VR 87-883 is neutral towards most metal, nonferrous metals, plastics and elastomers. Owing to the many different compositions especially of elastomer and plastic materials, we recommend checking their compatibility prior to series application.


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