Klüber Klüberalfa YM 3-65

Klüber Klüberalfa YM 3-65 Is a lubricating oils for synthetic material, Lubricating oils for synthetic material friction points with good wetting properties

Your benefits at a glance

– Optimised wetting properties enable the cost-effective application of the lubricant
– Due to high resistance to ageing, for applications with lifetime lubrication requirement
– Combinable with numerous material pairings
– Beneficial for application in the vehicle interior due to it being neutral in odour

Your requirements – our solution

As a manufacturer of modules or as a vehicle manufacturer, you need a lubricant that fulfils the demand for noise minimisation in the vehicle interior. Simultaneously you are interested in assembling the individual components simply and quickly into a unit. With its easy application, the lubricant should help to efficiently develop you process steps in series production.

We have designed the lubricants Klüberalfa YM 3-30 N and Klüberalfa YM 3-65 N especially for this requirement and manufactured them on a perfluoropolyether (PFPE) base. These lubricating oils distinguish themselves with good wetting properties and can therefore be used for a simple thin-film oiling of metals, elastomers and thermoplastics. The PFPE base provides outstanding ageing resistance for an extensive operating temperature range. Consequently, Klüberalfa YM 330 N and YM 3-65 N are also suitable for applications where a
lifetime lubrication is required. The lubricants are nonflammable and insoluble in most common cleaning agents.


Klüberalfa YM 3-30 N and Klüberalfa YM 3-65 N can be used for the wetting of metals and synthetic material parts of various configurations. Due to their good material compatibility, these products should be your first choice for the vehicle interior.

Application examples:

– Guide bars of headrests
– Impact, rubbing and sliding points, even of various material pairings, to minimise annoying noises in the components
such as fittings, sliding guides in the centre console, cup holder, navigation screen, locking mechanism of trays, ventilation outlet valve, etc.

General conduct toward synthetic materials and elastomers:

Perfluoropolyethers are generally to be classified as widely neutral (possible exception: high fluorinated FKMs) in comparison to elastomers and synthetic materials. Despite this, prior to a series application, the compatibility of the lubricant with the material with which it is to come into contact, must be confirmed.

Application notes

Prior to initial lubrication with the product series Klüberalfa YM 3 N, we recommend cleaning the friction point with white spirit 180/210 and subsequently with Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. After this, treat the friction point with clean, dry compressed air or a hot air treatment in order to remove the white spirit residue-free. For the initial lubrication the friction point must always be blank (that means free of oils, greases and perspiration) and free of soil particles. For additional application notes, please refer to the safety data sheet.


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