Klüber Klüberalfa HL 3-300


Klüber Klüberalfa HL 3-300 Is a High-performance PFPE oils for lifetime lubrication under extreme conditions.


Benefits for your application

– Extended service life is possible under critical operational influences, e.g.
– contamination by aggressive chemicals
– temperature extremes and variation
– effects of vacuum out-gassing
– Reliable and improved component function under variable operational conditions due to
– lower friction values under sliding contact conditions compared to those attained with standard PFPE oils
– low and high temperature suitability with minimum viscosity change
– compatibility with a wide range of plastic and elastomer materials



Klüberalfa lubricants, based on perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) were developed to fulfil lifetime lubrication under harsh conditions and offer a number of characteristics that make them highly suitable for such extreme tasks.

Klüberalfa HL 3 Fluids are characterised by their low vapour pressures and extraordinarily high viscosity indices, i.e. their viscosity and hence the theoretical lubricant film thickness decrease much slower with rising temperature than those of standard PFPE oils.

Klüberalfa oils are especially suitable for applications where constant friction values are required under changing operating conditions thus enabling optimum component function.


Klüberalfa HL 3 Fluids should be used where lifetime lubrication is desired in combination with stringent operational requirements, such as:

– wide ranging extremes of temperature
– high vacuum
– influence by aggressive chemicals
– compatibility with wide ranging elastomer types

Thanks to their low evaporation rate, Klüberalfa HL 3 Fluids are also suitable for sensitive applications in clean rooms and in the
optical and electronics sectors.

When used in sintered metal plain bearings, Klüberalfa HL 3 Fluids excel by means of their low friction coefficients across a wide service temperature range.

Behaviour towards elastomers and plastics

Perfluorinated polyether oils (PFPE) are generally regarded as neutral towards elastomers and plastics (possible exception: perfluorinated rubber). Nevertheless compatibility with the
materials should be tested, especially prior to series application.

Application notes


We recommend cleaning all parts to operate in contact with the lubricant with white spirit 180/210 and then Klüberalfa XZ 3-1. Upon cleaning, apply clean dry compressed air or hot air to remove any remaining white spirit residues.

The friction point should be clean and bright (i.e. free from oil, grease or perspiration) and free from particles to ensure optimum function.


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