Klüber Isoflex Topas NCA 52


Klüber Isoflex Topas NCA 52 Is a synthetic long-term grease for rolling and plain bearings, linear motion guides.


Benefits for your application


– Reduced maintenance due to long-term or lifetime lubrication
– Reliable operation and many years of practical experience
– Wide application range even with high loads
– Low starting and running torques particularly at low temperatures ensure high efficiency and energy savings
– Longer component life due to good wear protection



ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 is a synthetic long-term grease with good low-temperature properties. It has a good load-carrying capacity and ensures smooth running even at high speeds and accelerations.

The thickener made of special calcium soap ensures good adhesion to the component and good resistance to media. The additives contained in ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 increase wear protection.



ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 is used for high-speed rolling and plain bearings as well as for small gears subject to high loads. Due to the good compatibility with plastics the grease is suitable for plastic-plastic or metal-plastic material combinations. The low starting torque and the good wear protection make it an ideal grease for the long-term lubrication of linear motion guides and ball screws, e.g. in handling and automation technology.

ISOFLEX TOPAS NCA 52 can also be used for many automobile applications, e.g. for the lifetime lubrication of seat
rails. It is suitable for components which have to be lubricated prior to dip painting and the drying process at peak temperatures of 180 °C as the lubricant remains at the friction point and provides reliable lubrication even after short thermal treatment.

Application notes


The lubricant is applied by means of a spatula, brush or grease gun. If automatic lubrication systems are to be used, please check pumpability beforehand.


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