Klüber Isoflex TEL/3000 Altemp


Klüber Isoflex TEL/3000 Altemp Is a light-coloured, dynamically light high-performance grease, sliding grease with emergency lubricating properties.

Your benefits at a glance


– Synthetic product for low friction and starting torque
– Longer component lifetime with optimised wear protection
– Good corrosion protection preventing premature component failure
– Low internal friction of the lubricant for low internally generated heat in the bearing and increased service life


Your requirements – our solution


Operators of precision-engineering and textile industry applications often have different requirements than in other industries. Precision engineering often requires greases with low friction coefficients and starting torques that provide emergency lubrication. Good low-temperature characteristics are also a frequent requirement.

We developed the sliding grease ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP for these applications.

ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP is a light-coloured, dynamically light high-performance grease for friction points in the textile  industry and precision-engineering applications. It is based onester oil, mineral oil, lithium soap and the special frictionreducing
combination of solid lubricants.

ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP offers low friction and starting torque, good corrosion and wear protection and good oxidationstability while providing emergency lubricating properties, ensuring long relubrication intervals and contributing to reduced operating costs.



The special product properties of ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP facilitate its use in precision engineering and the textile industry. Typical applications of ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP include:


– Rolling and plain bearings used in precision engineering at normal and low temperatures
– Zig-zag winding guides in spool and twisting machines
– Yarn guide rails in spool and twisting machines


Application notes


ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP can be applied to the clean lubrication point by brush, spatula or similar application equipment. The friction point can be cleaned with commercially available cleaning agents if necessary.

The pumpability in central lubrication systems of ISOFLEX TEL 3000 ALTEMP should be checked with the system
manufacturer before application.
Owing to the many different compositions of elastomers and plastics, we recommend checking their compatibility prior to series application.
If you wish to optimise the service life of your equipment or have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. Just contact us


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