Klüber Isoflex PDP 65


Klüber Isoflex PDP 65 Is a synthetic long-term oils based on ester oil.


Benefits for your application


– Synthetic long-term oils
– Wide service temperature range
– Low pour point
– Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
– Oxidation and ageing stability
– Good corrosion protection



ISOFLEX PDP oils are synthetic long-term oils based on ester oil. They show a good viscosity-temperature behaviour, a high flash point, a low pour point, good aging and oxidation stability as well as corrosion protection. Compared to mineral oils, they hardly change their viscosity at low or high temperatures thus ensuring less decrease in performance and reduced power consumption.



ISOFLEX PDP oils are ideally suited for lubrication points which have to meet high demands and show a long service life. They can be used for rolling bearings subject to high thermal and static loads, even at high speeds, plain bearings, guides in communication equipment, radio-probes, precision and measuring instruments, control systems, turbines, synchronous motors and elements with exacting tolerance in the fields of telecommunication, data systems and cryotechnology.

Furthermore, ISOFLEX PDP oils are suitable for the impregnation of sintered bearings and sintered compacts. ISOFLEX PDP 61 A Fernschreib. K has been especially designed for mechanically actuated friction points in teletypewriters.


Application notes


ISOFLEX PDP oils are neutral towards metals. Due to the great variety of different elastomers and plastics, their compatibility with these oils has to be checked prior to series application.

ISOFLEX PDP oils are miscible with mineral oils. However, we recommend removing the used oil from the lubrication point in order to fully utilize the performance of these oils.


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