Klüber Hotemp +Plus+


Klüber Hotemp +Plus+ Is a synthetic high-temperature chain oil.

Klüber Hotemp +Plus+ is a High-temperature chain oil.

Benefits for your application


– Efficient lubrication even at high operating temperatures
– Good regeneration effect on used oil
– Favourable viscosity-temperature properties for safe cold starts
– Outstanding penetration properties for rapid formation of the lubricating film
– Good adhesion, no throwing off
– Resistance to wear and pressure
– Little residue owing to fully synthetic constituents
– Efficient against the settling of finishing and softening compounds and their condensates at the point of friction




HOTEMP PLUS is a synthetic high-temperature chain oil for textile and plastic processing machines ensuring reliable operation even at high temperature and stress. It creeps very well and thus rapidly forms a lubricating film. Its specific additive combination makes

HOTEMP PLUS is highly resistant to pressure and wear. Special adhesion improvers prevent the oil being thrown off the lubrication point.

HOTEMP PLUS is very efficient against the settling of finishing and softening compounds and their condensates at the point of  friction. The few residues created by synthetic constituents areeasy to regenerate by adding fresh oil.





HOTEMP PLUS is suitable for all oil-lubricated stenter chains such as


– roller chains,
– chains or clips with ball bearings in cases of combined lubrication of bearings, chain joints and slide ways, and
– slide chains with lubrication of slide rails, chain joints and bolts in equalizing frames, single-layer stenters, tier stenters, festoon driers and steamers as well as installations.


Application notes


HOTEMP PLUS can be applied with all common pumps, spraying or metering equipment. Lubrication intervals and quantities vary with chain design, type of lubrication and operating conditions. At temperatures above 180 °C, you need approx. 1.5 to 2 ml of oil per meter of chain and operating shift.

Chain rails should be lubricated continuously or once a day at a maximum, depending on length of travel and design. Weeklyrelubrication is often sufficient for chain pins with an oil depot.

However, it is better to apply an exact dosage of oil every day than relubricate too late or over-lubricate, especially at high chain speeds.

Chains with a spray lubrication system should be lubricated very sparingly once per shift or day to keep them just oil-moist.


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