Klüber Grafloscon D-SG 00 Ultra


Klüber Grafloscon D-SG 00 Ultra Is a mineral oil based special lubricant.

Klüber Grafloscon D-SG 00 Ultra is a Repair lubricant for open drives


Benefits for your application


– Correction and repair lubricant
– Ready for use
– Applied to the drive at full load capacity
– No subsequent cleaning
– Economic consumption
– Free from solvents, bitumen, heavy metals or chlorine




GRAFLOSCON D-SG 00 ULTRA is a mineral oil based special lubricant to be applied by hand spray equipment. It is aluminium complex saponified and contains solid lubricants and special additives. GRAFLOSCON D-SG 00 ULTRA is resistant to high pressure and does not contain bitumen, solvents, heavy metals or chlorine.




GRAFLOSCON D-SG 00 ULTRA was developed for repair lubrication of damaged tooth flanks of open gears. It is also suitable for forced running-in of new or readjusted girth gear/ pinion drives on rotary kilns, tube mills, rotary drums, etc. used mainly in the cement, mining and chemical industries.


Application notes


GRAFLOSCON D-SG 00 ULTRA is applied in small controlled dosages using the Klübermatic LB hand sprayer or by brush. These jobs should be left to experienced Klüber service personnel.



This lubricant is not suitable for automatic spray equipment or centralized lubrication systems. To prevent improper use the product should be stored in a safe place and only be accessible to authorized persons. Do not expose to direct sunlight.


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